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About Us

Foster Development Group, LLC , is a professional coaching and training company, specializing in developing and maximizing personal growth, in order to increase individual and corporate performance. Our company will help individuals and corporations discover their strengths, talents and giftings to grow and expand their individual lives and their corporations. We also help clients identify roadblocks and constraints that hinder productivity and growth. Our company focuses in on four main coaching areas:
(1) Destiny Coaching:  this form of coaching helps clients discover their purpose in life.
(2) Leadership Coaching:  this form of coaching helps leaders lead effectively.
(3) Relationship Coaching: this form of coaching helps clients in developing strong and healthy relationships.
(4) Life Coaching: this form of coaching helps clients in their over all life.
Our company also provides Human Development  training, which helps companies and non-profits grow their leadership teams and staff. These trainings are done via seminars, conferences, and corporate training sessions. Our company believes in building strong people, who produce strong companies.
Tony A. Foster, is the founder and Cheif Executive Officer, of Foster Development Group,LLC , with over twenty years of experience in personal development. Tony A. Foster has worked as a Health Educator/ Counselor with the University of South Carolina, Social Work Department. He worked extensively with churches and non-profits equipping and developing people to maximize their potential. Tony recieved his basic life coaching certification from, Leadership Development Group. He recieved his certified professional coaching certification from, Fowler and Wainwright International; and he also recieved his certification as a professsional Master Coach, and certified master trainer, with, Future Coach,LLC ; Tony also become a member of the , International Coach Federation in 2009. Tony has also traveled to India, Nepal, and Jamaica as a minister and motivational speaker, training and developing leaders.
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